Lazy week and mason jar love ~ Simple Things Sunday {Monroe, WA photographer}

I told Jeff earlier this afternoon that this past week and the week before us happens to be my most FAVORITE of all weeks in the entire year.

Curious as to why?

Well, let me tell you {you will relate to this if you live in the Pacific Northwest}. I love Summer. And, my most favorite holiday is the 4th of July. And, us Seattle-lites all know that Summer really doesn’t begin here until the day AFTER the 4th of July.

I look forward to Summer and warmer days all year long, especially in the Winter months here where sometimes it feels like it rains ALL the time! I do try and look on the bright side and say that at least it keeps our city looking green, BUT… I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am a California girl at heart. Born and raised in San Diego, and I need that Vitamin D.

This week, I have been noticing the firework tents going up! All over town. That delights my soul, because I KNOW the most magical of holidays is right around the corner AND that means the start of Summer! I love the sweet anticipation of it!

SO… with the anticipation of Summer right around the corner and the weather FINALLY beginning to change for the better around here, we had ourselves a nice little week, and to top it off: weekend too. It felt very lazy, yet productive as I finished up a few projects I had going on.

A few of the SIMPLE things that made me smile this past week…

My veggie beds {well, at least one of them, pictured here}.  LOVE seeing my vegetables JUST starting to pop up.

Sugar Snap peas. Summer staple. We just pluck them off the vines and gobble them up. Pure goodness.

And, my little DIY fabric markers I made a few weeks back to mark off my veggies.

Here’s the image I am linking up to for Simple Things Sunday. I was thinkin about it this week, as I tended my garden. Tended. I just used the word, “tended”. I think I was meant to live on a farm {in California}, really, when I use language like that. Ya’ll reckon that would be kindly nice? My chickens, my windmill, and me tendin my garden. Yep, that would be sweet. Alas, I digress… I am still here in my suburban cul-de-sac and loving it. BUT, I was out workin the ground in my veggie beds this past week and the sight of this, made me stop in my tracks. Really. HOW in the world do these little tendrils know how to wrap themselves around the holes in this netting? HOW crazy that they just do! Amazing.

And, these make me smile. Mason jars. L-O-V-E. As I snapped this picture, I realized how many I have around our house.

Here, on our patio. Spray painted these.

Mason jars hanging from our patio table umbrella. Half store bought like this. Half, I twisted wire around the tops to suspend.

I love them lighted with little tea lights in the evenings.

And, more mason jars. Lining our mantle.

Yup, I love me some mason jars.

Surprise visits from friends this past week made me smile. One bringing me some yummy banana bread goodness from a new gluten free bakery in town and my sweet man surprising me one afternoon with my favorite Starbucks coffee.

Little hands excitedly showing me found treasures in our yard.

Neighborhood kids beginning their summer break and hearing laughter in our cul-de-sac. Running out to join them. Starting an impromptu game of hide-n-seek, kick ball, and four-square. Breaking out this week’s favorites: mood sand and side-walk chalk. More goodness.

Scoring 25cent pots at a garage sale, lathering those babies up with chalkboard paint, and making my own little herb garden.

Stickers and snow boots. Nuff said. This little diva has a H-UGE opinion on her wardrobe nowadays.=)

And lastly, finally finishing a little DIY project I have had in my mind to complete since LAST year, after seeing this.

Yeah, I figured the $129 price tag from PB could be beat by 7 bucks at Lowes.
Excited about this. Think it will look cute above my other veggie bed, hanging on the fence.

Hope everyone had a nice week as well and enjoying the anticipation of Summer arriving!

  • I like this hanging glases 😉 But all photos are very beatiful! LG TinaReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Cooper

    loving all the jars! your photos are so pretty…thanks for linking up with the simple things this weeK! RebeccaReplyCancel

  • Kelly, I really enjoyed the pics…I started to drool when I saw your jars & mantle…beautiful! How about a tutorial on the flag??? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like to copy that project!ReplyCancel

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