Get that art UP! {Monroe, WA natural light child and family photographer}

I have to admit something to you.

Are you ready?

I have a couple of main spots in our house where there is NOTHING on our walls!

Here’s the the crazy part…

I am a photographer. I take LOTS of pictures. I am visual and I am inspired by so much {ie. color, fabric, texture, light, people, love, etc. etc.}. If you don’t believe me, check out my pinterest page! Another photographer I know recently described pinterest as “crack to a visually creative person.” I laughed hard when I read this. SO true! Seriously, if you are visual like me, you NEED to check out pinterest. But beware, it’s addicting.

And, this same drive in me to SEE things, also goes with me when I walk into other people’s homes. One of my favorite things to do when I walk into a friend’s home is to look at all of their pictures and art! I love just seeing how other people live and love through their images they have up and in frames! Makes me smile.

So… WHY do I have a serious lack of portraits up in certain parts of my home? It may be because I need to paint. Yep, our one main spot, where everyone hangs out, is covered in white walls and nothing more. Above our couch, lies two small drill holes, left from two sconces that were taken down last year when we moved our room around to create more space. I STILL have done nothing to fill those holes. I STILL have yet to paint. AND, I still haven’t hung any pictures up in that space. All fall on filling the holes first, I guess.=)

I have ideas. Oh YES… my mind is OVERFLOWING with ideas. But, I need the action to do something.

Enter this post. I am giving MYSELF a challenge. Along with ALL of you… to get that art UP! Up on our walls. In frames. On canvases’. OFF of our computers. Let’s think outside of the box, here people! There are LOADS of creative ways to display your treasured family images in your homes… in fact, on my pinterest page, I even have a helpful board to show many of those ways. Check out my “Photography on Display” board and you will see what I mean!

And, that is why I am NOW offering several different collections to clients! When I found these fabulous wall display templates, I was so jazzed and KNEW I wanted to show these to you guys as well! These are SO great because they SHOW you what your image will look like on your wall, hung alone, or in groups. If you are investing in beautiful family portraits, why not display them properly in your home, for you and others to see for years!

“But, how do I KNOW what will look great up in my home,” you ask?

Well, let me show you…

The ever popular 8×10 print.

hmmm… doesn’t really do that image justice hung solo, now does it?

Let’s try an 11×14.

Nope… not quite the ticket.

How bout a 16×24.

Getting better, but still no dice.


Yep… lookin good…

But, wait… hold the phone!

The beautiful 30×40!!!

WOWZERS! SO great to visualize how these images will look on your walls and in what size!

And, like I said, I am now offering up Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvases, sold exclusively in collections!!! Don’t know much about Gallery Wrapped Canvases’? Well, let me tell you a little about them…

Gallery wraps are the classic and timeless option to display your images. Gallery wraps are mounted on a 1.5 inch wooden stretcher frame and are printed on canvas substrate. Group your images from your session together to create one beautifully visual wall display that comes ready to hang!

{All images below from recent sessions}

For those of you who prefer to frame your pictures, I am also offering Print Collections!

More info on our Display Collections can be found HERE.

SO… As you can see! Doesn’t that art look A-MAZING when it is displayed and OFF the computer! Makes me want to put something up! And, I think I will! In the next several months, I plan on doing something about my blank walls! I’ll post a little before and after here for you all to see! And, I give you that challenge too!

Get that art UP!

F a c e b o o k