Favorites of 2010 and a Giveaway {Snohomish and King Co. Photographer}

Happy New Year and welcome to my NEW blog! So glad you stopped by…

What a year 2010 has been! I feel like I have learned a ton, both personally and in my photography business. I am so grateful for my family and their continued support in encouraging me to do what I love. I can think of many times when Jeff has sacrificed a Saturday morning to stay home with the kids, so that I could go out and take some pictures! And, he always humors me, when we are out and about and I want to grab my camera to take JUST one picture! I could not do what I do without him.

And… I am so thankful for all of you! Although at first, it was difficult to “put myself out there” and show my “art” to the world, I feel like I have gained confidence along the way {while STILL continuing to learn and better my craft} and you have been so supportive and encouraging to me through my walk as well! I feel honored that you would choose me to capture your precious moments. It is something I don’t take for granted! And, it is so special to get to be a part of that and to meet SO many AMAZING people!

I am excited for what 2011 will bring! I know my word of this year is BALANCE. Finding a good balance in work, taking care of our home, exercise, prayer, playing with the kids, spending time with my husband, creativity, taking time out for me, etc., etc. Hmmm… how many of you can relate to that? I am sure MOST of us can! We have already begun to structure out a plan on what that balance looks like for us and for our family. Here’s to that!=)

With that said, I want to introduce my goal for this blog… I vacilated between keeping my old blog for personal use and strictly using this new one for business purposes only, but have decided to just roll with this one… For me, photography is such a personal thing… I am learning to embrace the creative side of me more and more and sharing that or my life in this venue, seems appropriate. How could I separate the two? SO… this blog will consist of SNEAK PEEKS of all of the amazing people I get to photograph, information about my photography business, and a little randomness thrown in as well. My hope is that I would also put together an occasional DIY tutorial, but that will be as time allows… because, again… gotta keep the balance.=)

I will continue to leave my old blog up for awhile, but eventually, it will be deleted.  SO, if you are following me there, come on over here and stay!

Enough of my rambling…  onto my post!  And, the giveaway…  {spish…  I’m giving away $150 worth of gift cards!!!}

I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce my new blog than to wrap up 2010 with a little review… AND host a little giveaway along with it! A sort of {MY favorites} gallery from each session of last year.  I typically walk away from a session with an excitement about a few images…  Below are my faves from each session.

I chose mine, now here’s YOUR part…  you get to pick your favorite too!  For all of you past 2010 clients out there, you’ll want to let your friends and family know about this contest, so that they can vote for YOUR special image!  The image with the MOST votes wins a $50 gift card!  Voting will be open now through Friday, Jan. 7th @ midnight.  I will announce the winner on Saturday.

Not only do my past clients have a chance to win, but the voters do too!  Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post with your name, email, and the image # you are voting for.  I will randomly choose one voter to receive a $50 gift card!  Not only that, but if you haven’t “liked” Kelly Harper Photography on Facebook yet, you’re gonna want to do that as well!  That enters you in for a chance to win an additional $50 gift card, chose randomly!  Find me on Facebook HERE.

That’s right…  THREE winners!

Here are the official rules:

  • Choose your favorite image and comment below this post with your name, email, and the image of your choosing.
  • Please, only ONE vote per person.
  • Head on over HERE and click “like” to like Kelly Harper Photography on Facebook.
  • If you are a 2010 client, spread the word for more votes, to up your chances!
  • Voting begins now and ends on Friday, Jan. 7th @ 11:59pm.
  • Winners will be announced on Saturday, Jan. 8th

Alrighty, happy voting!

F a c e b o o k