Family Rules Subway Art ~ FREE ~ printable {Monroe, WA photographer}

Jeff and I have been talking for quite some time about outlining a family “vision” for our family. You know, in the way that large cooperations, church’s, or businesses do so. We wanted to brainstorm something and write it down about what kind of family we want to be, how we want to raise our children and define our marriage, and ultimately, how we want our family to live. We have talked about this for sometime.

Enter in the very popular Subway Art to spark an idea in my head. You have probably seen beautiful pieces or worded art from places like, Red Letter Words or from Etsy. I LOVE the way that some of them has a rustic etched on wood look and I most likely will be ordering a verse on something like that in the future from one of these popular shops! BUT, I wanted to make our own Family Rules Subway Art and so Jeff and I sat down and began brainstorming some of the things we wanted it to say.

Have a looksie right here…
**You’ll have to forgive the bad lighting. This picture was taken at night in our dimly lit dining room area.

Anyway, it has been quite popular around here since we hung it up. We have had conversations with our kids what each of the “rules” are and what they mean. And, some of our recent guests have taken a liking to it as well, sparking some discussion about their own family visions.

You can probably tell that I am passionate about families! I talk about my own family on this blog quite a bit, I LOVE to photograph them and my husband and I love to support other families, specifically, MOMS, in this season of life. SO, I thought of no better way than to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU for such a wonderful year than to offer up our own Family Rules Subway Art to anyone who might be interested!

This is a FREE download. There are two options to download. One is sized to a 16×20 {this is the size we have in our house… fyi: I found the frame at Ikea}. Click HERE to download the 16×20. The other is sized to an 8×10, a perfect fit for a smaller frame. Click HERE to download the 8×10.  Obviously, these are the Family “rules” that we brainstormed for our home, so if you would like something different, I highly recommend checking out one of the online resources I mentioned above for a custom look.  BUT, if you like what I have made, then have at it!  All I ask is that you please do not sell this or claim it as your own, for obvious copyright laws. Also, I would LOVE it if you joined me over at Kelly Harper Photography on FACEBOOK {just click HERE and then click “like” at the top of the page} or by following my blog! You can do so by adding me to your google reader or by subscribing in the side bar to your right.

Consider this my little Christmas present to you and your beautiful families! Thank you for reading and for encouraging me in my own motherhood journey and in my photography as well! It has been an amazing year and I am blessed to have met so many amazing people through this business.


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