Decorating my walls {Snohomish and King County, WA child and family photographer}

My year is starting to wind down and what a YEAR it has been! WOW. So many fun new people I have met and had the privilege of photographing and I truly feel I have grown in my skill and honed in on what I really enjoy to capture: children and families {with a fun sprinkling of Seniors as well!}.

I wrote a post previously in the year about ‘getting that art up’! Check it out HERE if you like. It speaks about how, I believe, it is SO important to get those images hung on the walls of our homes. I encourage everyone, including MYSELF, to not just let those precious pictures sit on our computers and CD’s, but to make it a point to hang them up to display as precious works of art. Isn’t that what our children, spouses, and families are to us? Precious works of art?

I gave myself this challenge in the beginning of the year and even though it has taken me till November to take action, I did just that! I have been busy getting some pictures hung. And, I thought I would show you…

This is one space that had been driving me nutso over this past year. A blank wall above one of our couches in our living room with some outdated pictures hung on it. Well, we had OUR family photos taken by my dear friend and fellow photographer, Michelle back in August and I thought it was about time to update this wall. Here is the finished look…

Now, this wall makes me happy when I look at and see all of our shiny, happy faces.

I have two more spaces to work on and I hope to do so by the end of this year! Did I just commit myself? Geez… I better get workin! Actually, I have most of the images printed and in frames, we just need to paint before we hang. I will post about the finished results when they are completed as well!

And, if are in need of some inspiration, click HERE! A pinterest board I created for myself and for my clients that help give all sorts of ideas on how to get your art up! And, of course… if you haven’t yet seen the BEAUTIFUL wall display collections I offer, click HERE. These collections are a great way to order several different images together and I can help walk you through what would look wonderful in your home as well! If you’ve had your family photos taken this year or if you are planning on booking next year, be sure to take the challenge of getting that art up! I would LOVE to see how you display your family photos in your home! Feel free to leave a comment or post on my FACEBOOK page with a picture of how you display your family photos.

And, one last note… Like I said, I am winding down with my sessions for the year, finishing up galleries and getting clients their orders in time for the holidays. I plan on taking a bit of a break in December to spend some time with my family and getting ready for a great NEW year with some new website updates and new product announcements! Again, what a GREAT year it has been!


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