Decked Halls {Monroe, WA photographer}

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to see other people’s Christmas decorations! SO… I thought I would share ours here at the home front…

I wanted to decorate using rustic, natural elements this year… creating a home with many homemade Christmas items made by myself and the kids. This caused me to not put out as much as usual this usual… to simplify. I liked it. However, I am already looking ahead to next year’s Christmas decorations and I am craving sparkle and some vintage looks, much like this little mantle inspiration. Guess I’ll have to wait till next year!

Yes, that is a FAKE tree. I know, I know. “I thought you said you wanted a rustic looking Christmas this year,” you are asking. I do. BUT, we have tried 2x in year’s past to bring in a real, live Christmas tree and have found out that we are both allergic to it. I have always been bummed about this, as I have always wanted to be the cool family that hikes into the wilderness and chops down their own fir tree with our own two hands. Straight up family Griswold. Not gonna happen, though. Instead, because I crave this ruggedness, I brought home real evergreens outside… you will see in just a sec.

Oh, and the cute Christmas ornament is courtesy of Lisa Leonard. Ordered last year after Christmas discounted.

Brown paper packages tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things. I went all Martha Stewart this year when it came to the wrapping portion of the season. I am usually just a “throw cheap wrapping paper on the presents” kind of a gal. But, pinterest… oh, sweet pinterest has been oh so inspiring to me, even when it comes to wrapping.

I should have taken a picture with Lightening McQueen and Luigi chillin next to the three wiseman, as this is how we usually find the nativity set.

Our mantle. Homemade stockings, made last year. Tree branches courtesy of a neighbors cut down tree. And, terra cotta pots brought in from outside, displaying sweet little lovelies.

I LOVE our town’s little downtown shops. I was in THIS store a few weeks ago and they were selling these pillows for 40% off. I had in my mind to make a few for the couches, but just haven’t had time, so I couldn’t resist purchasing.

Advent calendar.


Homemade little decorations the kids made. We have been busy crafting at home this past month… you may remember HERE.

Kitchen table and hutch… I have cut some fabric for a table runner, but have yet to find the time to sew it up for the table. Maybe in the next couple of days. You can see our advent candles on the hutch behind the table, we do every Sunday. Have you checked out THIS advent candle display? Maybe for next year. Beautiful.

I made this little Christmas card display earlier this month. I found the inspiration HERE. I have never had a way to display our lovely Christmas cards every year. I’m not sure I like this though. The cards on the wreath all swing every time we close our pantry door. I may have to come up with a different way to display our Christmas cards next year. Do you get as excited as me when you go get your mail everyday this month, excitedly looking for new Christmas cards?

Nativity made from a kit I purchased from HERE. And, the print is by Katie Daisy.

Our porch decs… HOW cool is this!? I found this idea HERE. Simply wrap lights around your tomato wire cages. I added the burlap, because of course, you can’t go wrong with burlap. And, the tree trimmings were picked up at Lowes. I went there to buy some real garland, but found they had a whole box of tree trimmings, so I dug in and came home with these bad boys for FREE. AND, I also scored some short little logs I have stored in the garage to use for several ideas I have in my head down the road. Again, FREE. My neighbor gave me the red bows. So, you see I can be a bit rustic in my Christmas decorations, by displaying them OUTSIDE, so we can be allergy free this year, yes?

Don’t you love it when you can decorate your home without spending a pretty penny. I have found it’s all about using your imagination and finding things around the house to put together and look pretty!

What fun ways do you decorate your house for Christmas?

  • Rhonda Neufang

    Kelly I went into a store today and totally thought of you! It’s a little Hardware store and I can see the building across the street from my office window. During lunch today I decided to check it out. It’s in Snoqualmie called Hardware and Variety and they have the cuties rustic vintage collectiables and decore. I thought of you!
    Best Wishes!ReplyCancel

  • Your house looks so festive and beautiful! Come decorate my house next year, okay? =)ReplyCancel

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