Chillaxin time and a DIY {Snohomish and King County, WA Photographer}

We have had a nice couple of weeks of quiet down time, since Christmas… SO enjoyable as a family. I find that I really have to be intentional to give that down time to my children AND to myself and my husband. Jeff and I have talked that it is really easy for life just to “run” us… to guide us where it wants US to go. It will do that, if we don’t set aside time for ourselves. That takes some serious discipline. We get into that rut every once in awhile and I don’t like it. I feel out of touch with God. With my family. With myself. SO… lately, we have been intentional about putting things on the calendar for us. Scheduling some gym time together. And, focusing on what’s important. Just quieting down. And, our church has encouraged each of us to read through the entire bible this year. Quite the goal, I would say, since I have NEVER done that! Always wanted to, just never set aside the time. I am going for it this year!

Anyway, Jeff is back to work and I have been organizing, organizing, and organizing… probably one of my favorite things to do! I have been re-cataloging my pictures in my editing program to make my workflow a bit easier, finishing up some edits of one end of the year session, and working on a better way to organize the accounting part of what I do {HAS to be done!}.

Here are a few snapshots of our past couple of weeks… just playing around the house and working on a few projects.  Chillaxin, as one of Ben’s shirts says.

Just the two shining faces that I get to see every day.

{One of my goals this year is to just take more pictures of our everyday life!  These are the things I will most likely want to remember anyway, down the road, yes?}

Seahawk playoff game day. Our house went a little crazy when Marshawn Lynch ran that 67 yard touchdown! We had some fun that day playing on our bed toghether {our room always has nice light coming through}!

And, as promised, I said I would blog a few DIY’s from time to time… Since, it has been a slow kind of a week, I was able to take a few pics of one of the little projects I completed. VERY simple. If you are a beginner sewer or interested in getting started… this project is for you. Super easy! In fact, I completed it in about 20 min, with Ben hanging around, helping me.

It’s a rice bag soother. Ben has been suffering from growing pains at night, often waking him up in tears of pain. I have heard of these before and thought I would make one for him to help soothe his aches at night.

First, pour some rice in a bag and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil {mine is lavender}.  Let it sit and stew overnight or for a few hours for the rice to smell nice and soothing!

Next, gather your supplies… You really only need some leftover fabric {I had these two pieces laying around from another project I haven’t started yet for Ben}. I prefer fleece or flannel for this project. Much warmer for their little muscles. {I just grabbed a bunch of leftover ribbon from my jar for Ben to pick which one he wanted… i didn’t use all of what is shown}.

Cut two pieces of fabric to the size of your choice {I think I used 10×8 inches}. Lay right sides together and pin a folded up ribbon {folded side inward} in the middle section of  one of your corners {as shown}.

Sew your pieces up, remembering to backstitch at the beginning and the end, leaving a bit of an opening to push the fabric through {right sides out}. I usually sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Snip each of your corners just a bit.

Turn your fabric right sides out, pour your scented rice in, and sew up the last part of the opening. There will be a nice little ribbon loop, for little fingers to hold onto now.

Directions for use: Warm in the microwave for about 30 seconds and place on those aching muscles.

This was so easy and quick, I went ahead and made another one for Gmama, when she gets a little older. Ben loves his so much, that he sleeps with it and we have already used it to help his aches. Calmed him right down!

And, two more projects I just finished up… I thought I would show!

Christmas stockings that I had sewed RIGHT before Christmas, just didn’t have names on them yet. I followed this tutorial to help guide me through making these, and added my own little idea of fabric painted names on my trusty burlap {seriously, can’t go wrong with burlap!!!}.  Looking at this pic, they need to be ironed!

And, lastly… I am SUPER excited about this one! A handbag made by me FOR me! This is my first purse that I have sewed AND my first project for me. I usually am sewing for others {which I LOVE, don’t get me wrong, but it was nice to come up with a little somethin somethin for me}. I am thinking I am ready for Spring, looking at the fabrics I chose from my stash. I will now be sporting a BRIGHT bag in the dead of winter! I used this tutorial for my easy peasy bag!

That’s about it for our week… Happy day to you all!


  • Mom n' Dad

    Dang, girl. You “HAVE” been busy. We’re sooooooooo proud of you. Nice pics. I bet all you folks out there in cyberland, wish you had a daughter like this one. l

    luv, mum n’ dadReplyCancel

    • kellyh

      oh shush! Thanks guys! Thought mom would like the purse!

  • Keli

    Luv it. I think I might try that for my stockings and luv the purse.ReplyCancel

    • kellyh

      Thanks Kel! Remember, you inspired me with your purse and stocking making skills=) grl… you gots mad skills.ReplyCancel

  • We love how your bag turned out!! Thank you for posting the photo. We’d love for you to add it to our Facebook page too!

    Your photography is stunning. Congratulations on a beautiful business you have created.

    -Kim and KrisReplyCancel

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