A family that plays together… {Snohomish and King County, WA Custom Family Photography}

… or cuddles together… or sings together… or reads together… or laughs together…

Stays together.

Really, the list can go on and on.  And, I am so blessed to get to capture it all for families.  For these are the moments that are so fleeting.  The times we all want to remember.  The images we love to hang on our walls.

And, these moments…  the cuddling, laughing, playing moments I see when I am with my families, and my shutter clicks, are the ones that make my heart swoon the most.  I just love these real moments.  These moments…  and some pretty amazing light.

And, if you know me or if you have been a reader of this blog, you would know that my own family…  my children…  my husband are so dear to me.  You would know that I am passionate about my job as a wife and a mom.  So, it is no wonder that over the past couple of years, child and family photography has evolved into my “speciality” {I have a special heart for the Seniors as well!}.  I love to take pictures of my own kids and getting to take pictures of other children and families seems to fit me so well right now.  Truly, it is what I love to do!

So, I wanted to write a quick post answering just some of the questions I get when it comes to the services I offer and the CUSTOM portrait experience you get…


Where do we shoot at?  What does on location mean?

My speciality is outdoor, natural light child and family photography.  I like to leave the location up to you and we discuss this in emails or phone calls prior to your shoot.  I help with ideas to make your family session authentically yours.  Does your family like to be near the water?  Would it be fun to play in the leaves together?  Let’s bring a book or bubbles along to help those little guys stay interested and happy or maybe a special little stuffed animal or blankie.  If you are blank on ideas for location, then let me help you.  I’ve got plenty.  The important thing is that we decide together and I work to make your session unique to you and your family.  On location can mean anywhere really.  In your front yard, near a river, or walking through a cute little town.

What will our session look like?  My kids are young and have short attention spans.

Trust me…  I know kids.  Prior to having kids, I taught first grade for several years.  And, now, I have two of my own and fully know how crazy life can be with two little ones around.   During your session, we will take the time to ensure your kids are happy and content.  I like to introduce myself to them first and get to know them a bit by asking them questions and engaging them on their level, before I begin snapping pictures.  If they like to run and play, I let them do so, and we try and capture that.  If they like to sit and smile at the camera, well, then I’ll take advantage of that as well.  And, for your family moments, there will be some classic posed shots sprinkled in with some time to cuddle, laugh, and play as I stand by to capture it all.  I have found my family sessions to last between 60-90 minutes, allowing for that “get to know you and get comfortable time”, stopping for snacks, moving around, etc..

Do you have a studio?  What do we do if it is raining?

Nope, no studio here.  I believe this is what defines my photography:  using the WORLD as your studio.  There is nothing that I love more than to get outside and use creation as your backdrop.  I have set up in some client’s homes before and utilized the natural light flowing in from their windows and this depends on the number of people we have and what type of session that is booked, but I much rather prefer to use the mountains, the leaves, the trees, the flowers, the field, even the city as a key player in your images.  If the weather forecast is calling for a strong chance of rain, then we will most likely reschedule ahead of time, however, I have found that often times, waiting till the day of, to see what the weather does, sometimes pays off.  As we all know in Seattle, it can be rainy and cloudy in the morning, and clear and sunny in the late afternoon.

I have no idea what to wear or how to dress my family.  Can you help with that?

Yes, of course!  I consider styling to be very much a part of my job.  Again, we discuss this prior to your session.  I encourage my clients to coordinate their outfits together.  It is best to choose a color palette of some sort and pull items of clothing for all family members from that color palette.  This doesn’t mean you need to go out and purchase all new clothes for your family {unless you want to}.  I encourage my clients to avoid matching items of clothing {ie. wearing all white shirts}.  This is your time to shine and look GREAT!

What happens after the session?  When will we get to see our images?

After your session, your images go to the editing table.  Some people don’t realize how much time this takes.  I pride myself in paying attention to details and providing natural, bright images to my clients.  I will post a sneak peek {a sampling of a few of the images from your session} on this blog and then a full gallery which will be uploaded to my website, where you will receive a private password for you and your family to view.  From there, you’ll have a month to decide and place your order and I love to help with this process.  If you have a space in your home where you would like to display some images, you can check out our display collections and we can decide together what would look great in your home.


So, as you can see, I do love to offer a CUSTOM family portrait experience!  I love my families and we have lots of fun together.  And, if you haven’t read this article yet about not waiting to book your family portrait session, check it out HERE.  I just love Deb’s words on this topic!

And, because the year is beginning to wind down here and I have had such FUN families, I thought I would show a sprinkling of some of my favorite moments from the different sessions I had this past year.  If you would still like to book a CUSTOM family portrait session, there is still time this year.  I have just a couple more spots open this month!



  • Nicole

    You take beautiful pictures! I am wondering how much a family session is, with your 30% booking discount. It seems like everyone does things differently. Do you charge for the session and CD/prints seperately? Or is it all 1 bundled price? Thank you!


    • kellyh

      Hi Nicole,

      I just sent you an email with all of the details!ReplyCancel

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